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Critical Decision-Making Methods that Help New Leaders Lead  

Teaching New Leaders These Critical Decision-Making Methods Helps Them Lead Critical decision-making is never easy – the decision to be made is critical for a reason. The decision co …

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Leverage the Power of Data Analytics

Why You Need to Leverage the Power of Data Analytics to Your Organization’s Advantage Data has become more accessible than ever, and organizations now have to pay special attention t …

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Schedule Appointments Easily With Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings Helps You Schedule Your Appointments More Easily Are you and your employees spending too much time scheduling appointments with clients? When handled manually, it ca …

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Microsoft Office Lens: The Pocket-Sized Brainstorming Super Tool 

Brainstorming With Microsoft Office Lens In today’s fast-paced business environment, strategic brainstorming can be a challenge. Trying to keep track of important notes and ideas …

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Microsoft FindTime: Optimize Your Meeting Scheduling Process

Microsoft FindTime: Optimize Your Meeting Scheduling Process Going back and forth with your team members in a never-ending reply, all email is the worst way to go about scheduling your …

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