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Is Your Law Firm’s Technology in the Dark Ages?

Outdated Tech Can Trigger Discovery Violations and Other Ethical Issues Lawyers are a savvy bunch. They tend to stay hyper-focused on the most recent changes in law and policy to better …

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Creating an Engaging IT Marketing Plan for Any Business

IT is a crucial part of any business’s form and function. Without it, a company would be unable to communicate effectively either with the outside world or inside its own walls, s …

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Why Cloud Computing Can Save You Money (and How)

Anyone running a business in the 21st century has to run into cloud computing at one point or another. Software-as-a-Service technology continues to progress, and as it continues offeri …

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MS Office Sets the Standard For Business Productivity–But Free LibreOffice is a Workable Alternative If You Can’t Afford It

There’s a lot of buzz lately around the soon-to-be-released latest version of open-source office software LibreOffice 5.2, which has an expected release date of August 7, 2016. In …

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10 Ways Traditional I.T. Is Hurting You

Is your I.T. adding real value to your operations – or holding you back? “Traditional” I.T. providers are detracting from their clients’ business goals by narrow …

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Free Windows 10 Download Expires Soon

Windows 10 Upgrades to Cost Upwards of $100 Starting on July 30 If you’ve been considering whether to take advantage of your free Windows 10 upgrade opportunity, now’s the t …

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What’s Your Business Data Worth?

Ransomware Demands and Business Payouts on the Rise Ransomware targeted at the business sector has recently become the preferred income method of many hackers, in part because it can pr …

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Will Microsoft Be Able to Speed Up Its Office 365 Productivity?

One look at the Microsoft community page reveals that even when the company answers questions about the suite, it is up to the combined efforts of the client company and Microsoft to co …

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