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Leverage Your Law Firm’s Technology

How e-Discovery Levels the Courtroom Playing Field So You Can Win More Cases These days, keeping up with the lightning-speed pace of an ever-changing legal technology landscape isn&rsqu …

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Keyboard Shortcuts 101 For Windows 10

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to finish computer tasks so quickly? Have you ever become frustrated when your computer’s trackpad or mouse fails to keep up with the a …

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Legal Best Practices for Client Data Storage

Everyone who has watched a courtroom drama on TV knows that all communication between an attorney and a client is privileged information that is confidential and not permitted to be use …

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Massachusetts Bars Employers From Asking About Previous Salaries During the Interview Process

United States federal law prohibits gender-based pay discrimination. Unfortunately, as is extensively covered by media outlets, violations are not only hard to prove, but wage gaps exis …

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You’re a Lawyer, Not a Tech Pro

Outsourced IT Means Better Performance, Efficient Case Management, and Increased ROI In the legal industry, managed IT service providers help law firms and corporate legal departments b …

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Spotting an Email Scam

Hackers have been more active than ever in recent years, unleashing ransomware cyberattacks upon an increasingly defense-minded public, with entire governments now pouring billions into …

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Obama Investing $19 Billion in Cyber Security for 2017

Why is the Obama Administration spending $19 billion on government cybersecurity defenses for fiscal year 2017? This figure is a 36% increase, or $5 billion over what was allotted by th …

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Law Firms and Managed Services

Is Your Firm Ready For the Switch? According to one recent study, most law firms spend roughly 70% of their IT budget for the year on system maintenance. Only the remaining 30% ends up …

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Microsoft Bookings: How Scheduling Software Can Revolutionize Your Business

Ironically, one of the major factors that takes up a huge amount of time in the day of a business owner involves creating the types of appointments that were supposed to make things eas …

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Free Tools to Combat Ransomware & Ransomware Prevention Tips

Free tools to combat ransomware and tips to prevent a ransomware attack. When it comes to protecting yourself from ransomware and hacker attacks, there’s no such thing as too much …

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On the Fence About Apple’s New iOS 9.3.4 Update?

4 Reasons to Love it and 4 Reasons to Leave it Behind According to industry insiders, Apple is expected to roll out iOS 10 during the first part of September in conjunction with the 201 …

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Can You Use a Free Alternative to MS Word?

There was a time not too long ago when Microsoft Word was unmatched for document writing, collaborating and publishing. With Microsoft 365 (a cloud-based Office suite) and Office 2016 t …

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