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Weโ€™re all about proactive technology solutions designed to minimize disruptions and maximize your productivity and profit.

Weโ€™re not simply IT support companyโ€ฆ

Weโ€™re your outsourced IT department โ€“ focused on YOUR business needs first.

Too many Boston area businesses never look for IT support until thereโ€™s already a problem, and by that point, youโ€™re just putting out fires. If all you ever do is react to problems, your technology will never give you a solid return on investment.

You canโ€™t take IT for granted. Your technology must be supported and optimized by professionals who are on YOUR side.



Whether you need full-function office phone capability on the go or access to your applications and files from anywhere you travel, OnServe has the hardware and software configurations that can make that happen!


You need full system AND mobile device security. Weโ€™ve got you covered! We can implement sweeping security solutions for every in-house or mobile device while keeping your employees safe online and your data secure.


We remotely monitor your systems around the clock, so we can catch IT issues before they can drag your productivity down.

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