Get your business the mobility, power and protection that only cloud services can provide.

There are several reasons why the cloud has emerged as the most effective and affordable business tool of the past several years. It’s not just about speeding up your productivity or allowing your employees to work from multiple locations – using the cloud helps ensure that your livelihood isn’t lost due to a disaster or hardware issues.

More than 50% of companies that suffer major downtime due to data loss or technology issues end up going under in less than a year. The cloud will make all the difference; it’s designed to protect your sensitive data and provide the security you need to keep your business functioning at all times.

We know there’s a lot to account for when you’re running a business, but the cloud will help relieve some of that burden. Contact us at or 617-848-9393 to talk about moving your business to the cloud.

You’ll finally get the maximum return on your IT investment as you see benefits all around your business.

Increase Productivity – With innovative tools like Microsoft Office 365, you have more power than ever to get work done effectively. You’ll increase productivity as employees have the ability to access data securely from any device, regardless of location.

  • Emails, contacts, files and applications are stored in the cloud to give you full mobility and make management of time and tasks easier than ever.

Stay Protected – The cloud provides comprehensive managed security to protect your data, from email encryption to managed antivirus services.

  • Did you know that your data is most at risk when in transit? Keeping your emails and other forms of communication secure is a huge step in keeping your livelihood protected.

Cloud Backup – Finally get the peace of mind you need to produce your best work. Businesses are crippled every day due to insufficient protection; when you’re not accounting for everything, you leave your business exposed.

  • We backup all of your data, files and applications in the cloud so that a breach or hardware issues don’t leave you unable to operate. Business continuity plans ensure you’re productive even when a disaster hits.

Don’t Settle for Less – Boston HelpDesk knows that you need a reliable and experienced team of IT experts on your side, and we provide just that. We’ll ensure you know how to fully leverage the power of the cloud; your business will run smoothly at all times, as we help create and maintain a stable IT environment for you to work without disruption.

Let Boston HelpDesk manage, deploy and support the cloud-based services that you need to thrive.

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