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We’ve been caring for the medical technology sector for years!

We have the depth of experience and cutting-edge solutions to keep your IT running smoothly.

What about your business?

Are you still doing all your IT in-house?

We know what a challenge that can be…

It’s almost impossible.

But why distract your employees with IT maintenance?

Even if you have an internal IT staffer…

Wouldn’t their time be better utilized caring for the internal requests they have stacked up on their desk?

They don’t really have time to do all of those endless daily updates, upgrades, and backups PLUS care for the internal requests and growth-related IT projects.

What your Biotech company needs is an IT support partner that will shoulder your IT burden and treat you right!

Boston Help Desk will give your business a stable, secure, and productive IT environment.

And we’ll do all that within an easily-budgeted monthly subscription package.

That’s right!

No more big, surprise break/fix bills!

We are a full service IT company, and we offer a full-menu subscription IT plan tailored to your needs!

One of your needs is…

Legislative Compliance

We get it.

You require an IT partner that understands how to give you the IT flexibility you need while keeping your business within the bounds set out by oversight and legislations such as HIPAA.

We’ve walked this road with dozens of other companies, and we’re very good at what we do.

We’ll help you expand your productivity capability while maintaining a high-compliance position.


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