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It’s so easy to measure our success in terms of dollars, but at Boston HelpDesk we try not to forget that in business, and life in general, the personal connections we make are much more valuable.

I was reminded of this fact when I once called a longtime client (with us for over 7 years) to congratulate him on his impending retirement and thank him one last time for using us instead of some other IT company. I was expecting a quick conversation, some pleasantries and goodbye, but instead he had some thanks for us as well.

He told us that he really appreciated the level of attention he got from us, that he was able to focus on everything else it takes to run a business because he knew we had IT covered. “I don’t know why anyone would ever leave Boston HelpDesk once they have experienced working with you,” he told us soon before we hung up.

It was one of those rare moments where it’s suddenly clear why we started a business in the first place instead of doing something else with our professional lives.

When we founded Boston HelpDesk more than a decade ago in 2002, making a long-lasting positive impact for our clients that went beyond day-to-day IT responsibilities was our highest goal. We’ve grown and seen our revenue expand as well over the years, but it’s that sort of direct feedback that lets us know we’ve really made it.

We Provide More than Just IT Services

Network security, equipment optimization, disaster recovery, cloud migration… yeah, we’ll handle all that for you.

But so what? Managing technology is the easy part of IT support.

The harder aspects of the job are things that you can’t prove with a Cisco certification. Communication, listening skills, mutual respect: this is what separates the good IT companies from the great IT companies.

We’re not going to throw a bunch of technical jargon at you and expect you to understand it. No, we know to focus less on how technology works and instead guide you through your investments in technology by speaking in plain, easy-to-understand terms that aren’t overly technical and demonstrating business value that a C-level exec can understand.

We don’t just provide services. We provide peace of mind, a sense of security, and a partnership that will truly help you succeed and grow.
Albert Najimy and John Silveri
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