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Everything You Need to Know About Switching IT Companies Post-Pandemic

Tips & Tricks for Switching IT Companies Smoothly After months of COVID-19 closures and disruptions, things are slowly settling into a ‘new normal.’ As business gets moving again, we’ve been getting phone calls from organizations that want to switch up their IT service

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CIO or CTO? Driving Innovation Depends on IT Leader Alignment

CIO or CTO When you have a retrospective after an unsuccessful digital initiative, what is most often identified as the challenge that kept projects from moving forward? While there are always external forces at work, the fate of your technology project is often decided during t

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Critical Decision-Making Methods that Help New Leaders Lead  

Teaching New Leaders These Critical Decision-Making Methods Helps Them Lead Critical decision-making is never easy – the decision to be made is critical for a reason. The decision could make or break an organization or set it on a new path to success or failure. New leaders wo

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