Don’t let your business become another statistic of livelihood lost due to cybercrime and data breaches – get comprehensive protection with our innovative managed security solutions.

Boston HelpDesk knows how scary it can be to run a business today: with more data than ever being passed through devices as cybercriminals get smarter and more advanced, it’s hard to protect your livelihood. We provide comprehensive security solutions, with a series of protocols designed to ensure you’re always maintaining compliance and keeping your data safe.

  • Cybercriminals do damage quickly; they’re growing smarter by the day, making them harder to detect and more dangerous than ever. Boston HelpDesk uses proactive tools and system reviews to make sure your network isn’t breached by a hack that will destroy your business.

Clients need assurance that you’re keeping their information safe, and you need peace of mind that your data is always protected. To get the best managed security in Boston contact us at or 617-848-9393.

Boston HelpDesk keeps you protected with a number of proactive services and reviews designed to strengthen your security procedures.

  • Penetration Testing – This is the one type of hack that you do want. It’s referred to as an “ethnical hack”, and we do it test your networks ability to withstand an attack. Our experts use techniques employed by cybercriminals to enter your network or test specific applications used by your business. We put your vulnerabilities to the test so that we know what works and what needs to be strengthened.
  • Compliance Reviews – Compliance to industry-set regulations is crucial. When you’re not maintaining compliance, it not only harms your reputation with clients, but it could also lead to several financial penalties. We provide reviews to ensure your IT and security processes are all within compliance for your industry.
  • Managed Firewalls – Proactive security is the best way to stay protected, and our managed firewalls monitor your network so that any issues are discovered before they do damage. Boston HelpDesk offers firewall protection that keeps your critical data safe from malware, viruses and others threats.

Get the best return on your IT investment with services and solutions that help your business thrive while keeping your data protected. Give yourself peace of mind with managed security solutions from Boston HelpDesk – contact us at or 617-848-9393.