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Boston HelpDesk Senior Engineer Achieves Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification

Boston HelpDesk works hard to ensure our team stays up-to-date and current with the latest security threats in order to provide the most effective IT services possible. We understand th …

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Ransomware Will Soon Appear on Everything

A new form of ransomware called “RAA” is, unfortunately, making the rounds. It’s getting attention for its unusual design, which makes it a possible glimpse into the f …

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Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Accounting Firm’s Productivity

Small- and medium-sized accounting firms are judged by their efficiency, talent acquisition and retention, and the ability to carve out a niche from the competition. The leverage that a …

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Beware of Disgruntled Workers

The extreme case of Edward Snowden Edward Snowden was a trusted employee. During his time at Booz Allen, a consulting firm and subcontractor for the super-secret National Security Agenc …

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Why Businesses Need An Acceptable Use Policy

Does your business have an acceptable use policy regarding office use of the Internet? More importantly, is your acceptable use policy (AUP) enforced, or is it a document that’s o …

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Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Is Available

The newest Microsoft database platform, known as SQL Server 2016, was recently released to the general public. The platform was previously available in the form of test versions used by …

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Will Your Business Information Survive the Next Data Disaster?

A Business Continuity Planning Can Help Business continuity planning can help your organization survive and thrive during and after a disaster by keeping your information protected and …

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Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property From the Competition

Companies invest enormous amounts of time and financial resources developing technology, business strategies, and marketing campaigns to succeed amidst today’s fierce competition. …

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