Boston IT SecurityIt is no secret that security is one of the top concerns facing business owners. Every piece of technology on a corporate network is at risk from a wide variety of security threats including your printers, Wi-Fi networks, storage, computers, and servers. It is crucial to consider your entire network when reviewing your IT security policies.

This is why having a technology Boston IT security company like ours is a wise decision.

Criminals, foreign government organizations and the casual hackers are engaging in hacking activities, some for kicks and others to steal your business secrets or get access to your company information. They could also be using your computer resources to attack others. They all have one thing in common, to disrupt business.

We have put together a few tips for your business to consider.


Mobility is growing across the business community. Large and small companies face a number of growing security concerns when it comes to smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies, including remote access.

Your business needs to set firm policies around mobile technologies. Whether it is a staff member working from home in the evening or a sales professional working on their iPhone after a sales meeting, you must always feel secure that your business information is safe. Businesses must have strict guidelines on who has access and where confidential business information resides.

Also, if you are considering having staff use their own smartphones or tablets, what policies do you need to have in place? There can be a different set of risks when allowing a staff member to use their own iPhone or Android phone to access your corporate email systems.

Wireless Networking

Many wireless networks at Starbucks or even Wi-Fi systems supported by municipal governments are not secure. Having security systems on corporate laptops and smartphones will help protect from snooping or even having a hacker access a system while sitting in the local coffee shop. Also, train your staff on how to watch for those people who peak over your shoulder when sitting in the local café.

What about your business network? Business must ensure they have a secured Wi-Fi network to prevent a laptop-equipped hacker sitting in the parking lot across the street from hacking into your network and robbing your business of all your corporate information.

Make sure all wireless networks are secured and laptops and other mobility devices are patched and have security software installed to limit the risk of these systems being compromised.

Password Complexity

Most often, your network security is only as good as your weakest password. Did you know that one of most often used passwords is passw0rd or even just the word password? Your business must have a complex password policy and force users to change passwords every few months.

Passwords must have a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols and a mixture of upper and lower case letters.

Train your staff to also watch out for social engineering tactics that trick a staff member into giving out their password over the phone to someone claiming to be a help desk team member or even a representative from another organization. Professional organizations will never ask for your password over the phone and if they do, challenge them to prove their identity.

We hope these IT security tips will help your Boston business. Our team of Boston IT security experts specializes in helping businesses with a wide range of computer, network and cyber security services. Call us today to learn more about our services and to book a no obligation discussion.

Albert Najimy

Albert Najimy

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