Brands like that FB allows them to target prospective and existing customers and clients precisely as well as offers great tools for analysis of video advertising on its platform.

Everyone knows what YouTube is, but, did you know that the number one platform that brands show video ads is Facebook (FB)? That’s right, the Facebook platform gets 8 billion video views each day (that is with a B). While that is for all video plays and not just brand ads, Facebook anticipates that in 2017 video ads will account for 15% of its ad revenue and earn $3.8 billion (also with a B).

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Why is Video Advertising So Important on Facebook?

Brands like that FB allows them to target prospective and existing customers and clients precisely as well as offers great tools for analysis of video advertising on its platform. Nevertheless, many companies, especially smaller ones are not using video ads. Some of the reasons for this include:

  1. The misconception that an FB video ad is too hard to produce
  2. The belief that FB video ads don’t offer conversion rates equal or better than other ads do

However, this is where these smaller businesses are led astray. If you haven’t begun using video as part of your social media outreach, it is probable that you are forfeiting a great opportunity. Following is why:

Facebook Gives You Access to Warm Leads

When you advertise on Facebook, you can target specific demographics or interests. Sure, not everyone you target will watch your video, but those that do are interested in what you say and may even be moved to click the call-to-action. These folks are keenly interested in your value proposition or especially enjoy your content – they are warm leads.

Facebook Lets You Sequence Your Ads

Unlike text advertising where your call to action might appear several times in one ad, Facebook advertising allows you to treat your advertising audience more gently. This is accomplished through video ad sequencing, with which you spend time letting your video ad audience the chance to get to know you a bit and for you to earn the audience’s trust. It might be 3 or 4 ads before you include a call-to-action. Ad sequencing allows you to create ads that put prospects into the sales funnel. These campaigns take place over days and not weeks or months. Of course, Facebook has metrics to show you how well your sequencing works.

People Who Use Facebook are Ready to Engage, Even with Ads

Brands know that if they want to make an emotional contact with prospects, Facebook is the best route. It makes sense since FB is a social media site people that visit it want to engage with friends, relatives, people with similar interests, and businesses that cater to their interests. This is one reason that FB excels and YouTube not so much.

Creating a Facebook video isn’t that hard. Many businesses produce their own videos using nothing more than a notebook computer with a camera. As engagement rates snowball, paid video ads can be produced professionally, although some smaller brands find that engagement has been best with self-produced Facebook video ads. The other concern affecting businesses not using FB Video Ads is the thought that more traditional ads generate more conversions. FB metrics prove this is a misconception.

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