Boston HelpDesk Is Hotel Commonwealth’s Trustworthy IT Partner

Hotel Commonwealth is a 245-room independent luxury hotel. They take pride in delivering an ideal experience from when guests arrive on-site to when they depart.

“We’re really about the guest experience here,” says Adam Sperling, General Manager, Hotel Commonwealth.

Operating a successful hotel in the modern world calls for seamless integration of IT solutions. Adam has been the General Manager of Hotel Commonwealth for 14 years, and in that time, he’s come to rely on Boston HelpDesk as his partner for all things IT.

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Hotel Commonwealth

Our Hospitality Industry Expertise Is A Must-Have

“It’s critical,” says Adam. “I wouldn’t want to work with an IT team that didn’t have deep experience with the hospitality industry.”

IT is too important to a hotel’s success to trust in limited or basic support. To give Hotel Commonwealth’s guests the experience they expect and their staff the tools they need to succeed, Adam needs a committed and reliable partner in IT to take care of the hotel’s technology.

That’s why they’ve worked with Boston HelpDesk for so long.

Technology is so ingrained in the modern business world that it can easily overlook its importance. It influences the success of operations in many ways, from the guest experience to the security of the hotel’s finances and data.

Boston HelpDesk is here to assist clients like Hotel Commonwealth in finding the right IT solutions to enhance the quality of their guests’ experiences at their property. We support several 5-star hospitality clients, focusing on implementing solutions that can be effectively managed and supported to deliver an optimal experience for staff members and guests alike.

“The fact that Boston HelpDesk understands how IT integrates with hospitality is so important,” says Adam.

What Does Boston HelpDesk Do For Hotel Commonwealth?

Like any organization, Hotel Commonwealth is immediately affected by problems with its IT. It’s such a crucial part of their operations that even a small problem or occasional lag can have considerable consequences

“IT working properly is at the core of our ability to do business,” says Adam. “Whether it’s email, internet, phone—all of that.”

IT plays a big role in the daily lives of Hotel Commonwealth’s staff members. To do their jobs properly, they need to be able to access data, update systems and communicate with coworkers and key contacts without issue at a moment’s notice.

Similarly, the modern guest is one that expects convenience in every aspect of their time at a hotel. They want a seamless experience that meets their expectations without asking or giving it a second thought.

“Boston HelpDesk helps our onsite team with challenges,” says Adam. “They’re outstanding and super responsive.”

Boston HelpDesk offered exactly what they were looking for—a partner managing their IT from end to end, handling daily user support requests and macro concerns like long-term strategy and budgeting.

“They’re intimately familiar with all the workings in our IT infrastructure,” says Adam. “Boston HelpDesk is critical to a smooth operation.”

Hotel Commonwealth’s Support Goes Beyond Beyond Basic IT

“Where Boston HelpDesk distinguishes themselves is as an IT partner,” says Adam.

Adam knows that if Hotel Commonwealth continues to grow effectively, they need an IT partner that could help them harness new technologies and modernize its systems. Doing so is a key part of the ongoing trend of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is one of the biggest buzz phrases in the business community. At its simplest, it’s the initiative to use new technologies for better business outcomes.

That’s why 54% of businesses worldwide are investing in digital transformation strategies in one way or another.

It’s simply how the world is moving and for good reason. The business workplace is being drastically altered by technology as each year goes by—if companies like Hotel Commonwealth don’t embrace it, they’ll be left behind.

Many hotels find it difficult to keep up with the latest technological advances. It takes time and knowledge that staff members may not have to keep up to date with recent IT advancements and understand how to harness them.

Too many hotels jump from one system or application to another and never realize the full benefit of their technology. Without a technology plan aligned with their goals, they make poor buying decisions and waste money on ineffective tools.

As important as IT strategy, it’s often an afterthought. Not everyone has the time and resources to plan their IT in advance. That’s another reason Hotel Commonwealth values Boston HelpDesk’s support—we help them avoid inconsistencies in their IT budgeting.

Although 93% of surveyed businesses recognize that IT is strategically and operationally critical (Wakefield Research), very few are doing anything to plan their IT properly. A third of those surveyed said less than 10% of their strategic planning was about IT.

By planning ahead with Boston HelpDesk’s help, Hotel Commonwealth can budget their IT more accurately and avoid issues that stem from out-of-date systems. Adam regularly meets with their Boston HelpDesk account manager to stay on top of current and upcoming projects.

“My first call is always to Boston HelpDesk to ask their thoughts,” says Adam. “They’re my IT partner and my IT consultant.”

Those excellent hotels know that a technology plan will help them achieve their goals and gain a competitive advantage. The right solutions help them save money, improve processes and exceed their client’s expectations.

Aligning a hotel’s IT solutions with its business plan will be transformational in terms of returns and success:

  • Drive productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.
  • Save money on wasted time and effort.
  • Enhance collaboration and communication.
  • Keep staff on track to achieve goals.
  • Determine opportunities to optimize business processes further.
  • Identify and mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The Boston HelpDesk team is proud to help clients harness new technologies, improve their processes, and transform their businesses. When a digital transformation initiative is a success, it catapults the client’s business to new heights in efficiency and success.

“I’m not an IT professional, so I’m always going to need one that can give me sound advice,” says Adam. “That’s always been Boston HelpDesk.”

We Are Everything Hotel Commonwealth Needs In An IT Partner

“If I was going to sum up my relationship with Boston HelpDesk in one word, it would be ‘trust’,” says Adam.

Since partnering with Boston HelpDesk, Hotel Commonwealth has enjoyed seamless and effective support for its entire organization. With our help, Adam and the Hotel Commonwealth staff can more easily do their jobs.

That’s what the Hotel Commonwealth team wants from their IT. They want to trust that it will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and reliable—and with Hotel Commonwealth’s help, that’s what they get.

“I trust Albert and the Boston HelpDesk team to steer me in the right direction,” says Adam.