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With years of experience in the technology world, Boston HelpDesk is always eager to help others benefit from our knowledge and skill. That’s why Boston HelpDesk recently took part in a business event called “Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Basics”.

IT Security

Held at the Suffolk University Faculty Dining Room, Boston HelpDesk spoke about the importance of data security. Other well-respected and reputable companies participated, including The Jacobs Law LLC, HR for Business, and Kennebunk Savings. Topics covered several crucial elements of modern business.

Our presentation encompassed the knowledge and skill we’ve acquired through our years of providing security services for clients.

  • The repercussions of data loss today are huge; we’ve seen businesses crippled because their IT teams simply didn’t prepare them for every scenario.
  • Boston HelpDesk spoke about our proactive and multifaceted approach to protecting data from unauthorized access, misuse, or improper disclosure.
  • During our presentation we discussed proper policies and standards for security, the importance of Email security and awareness throughout your workforce, as well as ways to measure the success of your security plan.

Cyber Security

Knowledge is power, and Boston HelpDesk is always one step ahead of the game. We provide strategic, reliable, and comprehensive security solutions to stop distractions before they cripple your productivity or compromise your data.

Reach out to Boston HelpDesk to speak with our IT professionals about the importance of data security and all that we discussed at the “Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Basics” conference. Contact our team at or 617-848--9393.

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