Funds were collected for several great cancer organizations with help from some legendary musicians.

When Pete Townshend of The Who fame made an appearance at Tanglewood with The Boston Pops back in September 2017 to perform the rock opera “Quadrophenia” in its entirety, it was a chance for not only some great entertainment but to do some good for the community as well.

Townshend and bandmate Roger Daltrey have long used their Who Cares charity to support the Teen Cancer Trust in their native UK and launched Teen Cancer America in 2011. With that in mind, the Boston HelpDesk team took this special performance — which also featured the talents of rocker Billy Idol and Tony Award-winning Tenor Alfie Boe — as an opportunity to contribute not only to Who Cares cancer funds but to some amazing local organizations as well.

Boston HelpDesk was given a chance to hold a small fundraiser along with Townsend and Foundation to Be Named Later during an intimate pre-concert gathering with Townshend, his wife Rachael, Alfie Boe, and Billy Idol. The funds raised were split between Teen Cancer America, The Cancer Center at Berkshire Medical Center, and Moments House, a local cancer support community in the Berkshires.

Supporting Moments House And The Important Work That They Do

A cancer diagnosis is life-altering, not only for the person who now finds themselves fighting a life-threatening illness but for those closest to that person. Spouses, parents, siblings, and friends are all deeply affected by a loved one’s diagnosis, and especially for those who step up to take on a caretaker role, support is needed.

While there is no denying the vital role doctors and mental health professionals play in helping to beat cancer, what they have to offer isn’t always enough to get through the long days ahead. And that is where organizations like Moments House come into the picture

Moments House is dedicated to offering a range of services to cancer patients and their loved ones in the Berkshires that often fall outside of what most people would consider important for health and recovery. Staffed by dedicated and compassionate volunteers, Moments House provides free services that include:

  • Berkshire County’s only free Wig Bank and Salon
  • A private Spa offering Reiki, Massage, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, and Foot Reflexology by licensed professionals
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • “Ask a Lawyer” Legal Services
  • Mentorship Program
  • Lending Library
  • Rides to treatments and doctor appointments
  • Financial assistance for personal bills
  • Gas and grocery cards

The goal is to help make an undeniably horrible part of someone’s life a little less bleak by helping to manage stress. Whether that comes in the form of a relaxing massage or professional assistance to deal with heavy questions of legal or financial concerns, Moments House is here to help.

The work that they do helps to make patients feel like a person again, giving them back their confidence and sense of freedom and self-sufficiency. Fighting cancer is a draining experience not only because of the physical toll it takes on a person, but the mental and emotional toll it takes as well. When something as simple as a gorgeous wig can completely change the way a cancer patient feels about themselves, it can make a huge difference in the way they respond to treatment.

Feeling like they’re not alone, even when they lack a personal support system of their own, can truly make all the difference in the world for cancer patients.

It’s because of this that we chose to include Moments House in our fundraising efforts. With so much of our attention placed on children-centered charities and research — two very crucial and noble causes — organizations like Moments House can sometimes be overlooked when generous and compassionate individuals reach for their checkbooks. There may not be any groundbreaking treatments or trips to Disney World coming out of places like Moments House, but the comparatively small things they do each day are no less important or valuable.

Providing cancer patients with dignity and support is extremely worthwhile in our books, and wholly deserving of our support.

Not only was this event a big success, but we’re currently gearing up for a second event this summer when Roger Daltrey makes his own stop at Tanglewood. He’ll be performing The Who’s Tommy with the Boston Pops on June 15th. Tickets for this performance can be found on the Tanglewood website.

The Boston HelpDesk team would like to thank everyone who contributed to our fundraising efforts, and we hope to see you again in June to help us give even more to those in need!

To learn more about the work Boston HelpDesk does to support both our community and our clients, contact us at (617) 848-9393 or