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Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 continues taking it up a notch with their latest cloud applications. You will discover more freedom to work, collaborate, and set the bar higher to reach your business goals.

Discover The Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has cut all the strings that tie you and your team down. If anything, we’ve discovered from this suite of tools, and whatever life throws at us, nothing can stop us from success.

Businesses and enterprises of every size or shape are stepping up and adopting this flexible suite of cloud-based applications worldwide. With these over-the-top benefits, you can officially say the boardroom has left the office.

However, we continue to uncover many Boston businesses and organizations have not reached in and taken hold of these powerful tools. But when they do, there’s no turning back. They, too, can’t put them away and never want them to leave their side.

In this article, Boston Help Desk gives you a brief tour of some of the most popular and powerful benefits Microsoft packaged together. Here’s a short video to get you prepared:

The Benefit of Working Anywhere

When Microsoft 365 says anywhere, they mean that literally. If you have access to the internet at the beach, a mountain cabin, or in the middle of the Mohave desert, you’re ready to go.

That doesn’t mean you’re forced to lug around a large, cumbersome desktop computer and monitor either. Do you have a tablet or laptop? You have access. Do you have a Smartphone? You have access too!

Did we forget to mention Microsoft 365 doesn’t strap you into a 9-5 work shift? You are free to work at any time. You have around the clock access to your files. Thanks to the cloud, it never closes.

The Benefit of Talking To Anyone

If your organization’s team are remote workers, Microsoft 365 has you covered there too! You can easily communicate and collaborate with your staff in real-time.

Need to meet briefly, but you’re not in the office? Click on Microsoft Teams and start the meeting. Need to speak to a colleague but can’t remember their phone number? Easy, use Instant Messages to chat.

Along with these features, Microsoft 365 makes it even easier for you to share your calendar with colleagues, vendors, and clients or have a video conference call. Communicating just got easier.

The Benefit of Complete Security

When your organization needs the utmost protection and privacy for your data, Microsoft 365 stepped up again. The increased amount of control you’re given puts you entirely in charge.

  • Email Encryption: You can send encrypted emails that only the intended recipient sees.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: You can add extra layers of protection when logging in.
  • Mobile Device Management: You control both company and personal mobile devices.

When you want to send a private email, encrypt it. When you want better protection, add extra layers. When your employee’s device is lost or stolen, permanently erase your data. Secure and protected; it’s that simple!

The Benefit of Enlisting an Expert

At Boston HelpDesk, we understand that you’ll have questions and concerns when switching over to Microsoft 365. You’ll want to know how to use other apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or SharePoint.

Our team of Microsoft 365 consultants will guide you and your team every step of the way. When you invest in this suite of tools and partner with us, you’ll know your team has no barriers to success.

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