5 Ways Cloud Desktops Help Boston Professionals

Cloud desktops aren’t new technology, but they are becoming incredibly popular for Boston professionals who need a reliable and flexible productivity solution. The last several months have seen an exponential increase in reliance on cloud desktops.

Cloud desktops offer professionals the best of a mobile office: access to the cloud desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection. Boston professionals depend on cloud desktops as the need to shift from a physical office location to a mobile office or home office has become more pressing. A home office is only successful if professionals are productive, and cloud desktops are the perfect catalyst.

How Can Cloud Desktops Help Professionals?

The use of cloud desktops has surged in the last year as businesses realize a greater need for flexibility and see greater value in cloud technology to support a remote workforce. So many businesses, in a matter of days, shifted entire workforce populations from a traditional office environment to remote work environments. Professional obstacles included staying productive and connected while able to share information and files with colleagues who went from being down the hall to across town.

Cloud desktops offer professionals the flexibility needed to remain productive in different environments. Personal cloud desktops are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, and users have access to the same productivity apps each time a connection is established.

Top 5 Reasons Boston Professionals Use Cloud Desktops

There are countless reasons why cloud desktops are becoming so popular, but the main reasons professionals love cloud desktops are:


Flexibility is the number one reason businesses and professionals use cloud desktops. The last year has proven technology is what powers the modern workplace, keeps professionals connected, and keeps businesses moving.


Cloud desktops eliminate costly equipment purchases, especially the kind that emergencies and unexpected situations require, and cloud technology removes the need for periodic hardware upgrades that cost you more.


As your business grows, your needs will change and cloud storage is a scalable solution. You can increase data storage quickly and easily, and it’s a far more cost-effective choice than purchasing a fixed storage solution – plus it’s faster. Cloud storage is economical, easy to increase or decrease as your needs evolve.


Cyber security is a huge technology topic for businesses today. From networks to information, businesses have a critical need to apply sophisticated cyber security solutions to safeguard data. Factoring in that most desktop or laptop computers require password protection to gain access, but cloud desktops also require you to have the login to use – and you’ll need to know how to access the cloud desktop, via a web browser. With layers of password protection, users can be confident in cloud desktop security. Should security become compromised, cloud desktops offer the option to remotely wipe the data to prevent unauthorized access.

Data Back-ups

Data from cloud desktops can be easily backed up and restored for continuity of business should data become compromised or corrupted. Plus, there is less risk of hardware failure like overheating or fried hard drives with cloud desktops.

Boston businesses using cloud desktops enjoy greater flexibility and cost savings – try cloud desktops today!

Albert Najimy

Albert Najimy

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