Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) consists of three main components; each designed to address different business challenges.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Combining three key Microsoft products, EMS is the complete cloud solution for challenges that come along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. With EMS, Microsoft is offering an effective bundle at a discounted price. These tools will bridge the gap between cutting edge devices and administrative control in the workplace.

Hybrid Identity and Access Management 

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium delivers access management from the cloud and existing on-premises deployments. This creates a single unified infrastructure delivered directly from the cloud. You benefit from:

  • Cloud-based self-service password reset
  • Group Management
  • Group-based provisioning
  • Learning-driven security reports
  • Easy and effective synchronization of user identities from on-premises directories

Mobile Device and Mobile App Management

Microsoft’s new built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the forefront of device management. Microsoft Intune is essentially an advanced version of business-grade device management, but with more comprehensive administrative features. Features include:

  • Mobile device application management across Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android
  • Simplified administration via a single management console

Information Protection

Microsoft Azure Rights Management protects company assets with security, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Azure RMS protects devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs. How? RMS uses encryption, identity, and authorization to secure files and email.

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