15 Things to Master Before Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is new, exciting, and a little complicated. That said, before you dive into the platform, there are probably some functions of the software that you’ve read about or that you’ve seen others use, and you want to be proficient in those features before committing to it. You might also have some reservations about adapting to another forum when your office uses other platforms already. But you needn’t worry. We have you covered–and you’ll be an expert in no time. Here are a few important features you can easily master:


Scheduling Meetings

Select “Calendar Meetings” and choose the “New Meeting” option. Next, choose a time range. The software will guide you to a scheduling form to fill in meeting details and pick people to invite. You can use the “Scheduling Assistant” to find a convenient time for all. Afterward, click “Save.” Teams will send invites to those invited via Outlook.

Changing your Background

Select “Background Settings” before setting up your audio and video to join a meeting. You can use any of the images provided or your own from your computer by selecting “Add New.”

Collaborative Integration with Zoom

Using the “Connect” command, you can connect your Zoom account to your account on Teams. Type “@Zoom” and click the accompanying bot before typing “Connect.” Then, just sign in to your account and confirm.

Saving Messages or Bookmarks

At the top of the message, select “More Options” and choose “Save this Message.” If you would like a list of your saved messages, click your profile picture and select “Saved.”

Using Immersive Reader

Easily hover your mouse over your message or tap it with your finger. Choose the “More Options” selection, then click the “Immersive Reader” icon. The selection will launch across the full screen.

Arranging Meetings with Guests

When setting up a meeting, add any guest’s email address, and click on “Send.” They will receive an invitation to join.

Translating Messages and Conversations

To translate messages in other languages, select “More Options” at the top of the message, then “Translate” to convert the text to the language you set on your interface.

Taking Actions from the Command Box

Type “/” in the command box, and you will easily find a list of all commands supported by Teams. Choose any command and press “Enter.”

Following Channels

Click on the “More” option beside any channel name in your team’s list and then choose “Follow.”

Integrating Apps

First, find the app you want and select it by clicking right to the left of it. Next, select “Add to Team.” A pane will pop up with each team’s name. Click on the right team and then click on “Apply.”

Filtering through Activity with Mentions

If you want to catch someone’s attention in a group chat, place “@” before their name, similar to Twitter.

Recording Meetings

Go to the particular meeting’s controls and choose “More Options” and then “Start Recording.” Everyone at the meeting will be notified.

Using Bots

If you click on the three dots by your team, you should get an option to “Manage Team.” Click on that, followed by “Bots,” followed by “Discover Bots.” Choose the appropriate bot and click “Add.”

Working with Navigation Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts

You will find back and forth navigation buttons in the top left corner that will take you through the last few pages you have seen, similar to a standard web browser.

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts rather than a touchscreen or mouse, here are some of the most useful:

  • Open Help – F1
  • Close – Esc
  • Show commands – Control and “/.”
  • Go to – Control and “G”
  • Start a new chat – Control and “N.”
  • Open Settings – Control and “,”
  • Zoom in – Control and “=.”
  • Zoom out – Control and “-“

Streaming a Meeting to Youtube, LinkedIn, or Facebook

If you need to live to stream your meeting to any social network, you will need Open Broadcaster Software. This open-source software is free, and it is a great solution for live streaming and video capturing. However, for it to work with Teams, you will also need the free add-on, StreamLabs VirtualCam.

Microsoft Teams is a great solution for online meetings and communication with your team, whether members are across town social distancing or having a global workforce.

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