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Construction Management Consulting Company Chooses Boston HelpDesk To Help With All IT Service Needs.

Keville Enterprises Inc. is a renowned construction management consulting and inspection company. Keville Enterprises is based in Boston Massachusetts, and specializes in construction consultation and oversight for public owners during their construction projects.

After 24 years of being in this business, Keville Enterprises has proven to their current and prospective clients that they will go above and beyond what is expected of a typical construction management firm.

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, Keville has on more than one occasion, completed a project weeks in advance, and have caught disasters in the making – thanks to their knowledgeable eye.

They are truly an inspiration to the construction management, inspection and construction consultation industry.

A Builders Nightmare.

When we first arrived at Keville Enterprises, their network infrastructure was in pretty rough shape. Their prior technology support vendor was not delivering the results required for this growing professional services firm.

Their challenges included:

  1. Lack of responsiveness and not the right expertise from prior IT support solution.
  2. Recurring problems with the technology infrastructure.
  3. Lack of strategic direction and misaligned technology.
  4. Outgrowing their current technology solution

“We had a provider we used for 5 years, and over time their services were deteriorating. Things were breaking down on us, so after interviewing several IT providers – we selected Boston Help Desk. The previous company was not cooperative during the transition to Boston Help Desk, but Boston Help Desk helped out with this and took over.” Explains D.J. Mason III, COO.

It was clear to us right away that they had outgrown their current provider. They were in serious need of a reliable and responsive IT service provider who had the right technology skill sets, and could provide them with the knowledge they need to make effective business decisions.

A Builders Dream.

It was vital that we resolve their major network infrastructure issues, so that their technology could support their growing company and make it easier for them to do business. We used a variety of technologies and ongoing services to ensure their stability and restore their confidence in technology. These included:

  1. Technologies such as: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Windows AD Infrastructure, Server Virtualization, and Private Cloud Solutions.
  2. Service Desk Support.
  3. Remote Network Monitoring.
  4. Managed Desktop, Managed Network, Managed Security, and Managed Data Backup.
  5. Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity.
  6. Hosted Applications.

But don’t take my word for it! This is what D.J. Mason III had to say about how we assisted their company.

“Our Internet connectivity is fundamental to us – they recommended a new Internet Service Provider and set up our email server. They also set up internal and external networks where we store all our project files and so on. We have an accounting/time sheet project management system called Deltek. Boston Help desk set up the entire remote server system that’s hosting the Deltek system. They also maintain it for us.”

The technology solutions that we integrated into Keville Enterprises’ business ultimately allowed for them to continue to be the amazing construction management firm that they are – with the peace of mind in knowing their network is safe and operating to its full potential. 

So What’s In It For You?

I am very proud to say that Keville Enterprises’ technology is now aligned with the company’s strategic vision.

“The Boston Help Desk team was very instrumental in helping us roll out this new system. They acted as an extension of our staff, interfacing with the Deltek personnel. They’re our IT department.” Says Mason.

He continued to say,

“I’ll often explain to them in layman’s terms our problem, and they always understand and come back with a solution that works from the get-go. That team is top notch. Very responsive, personable, and great to deal with. Their entire team is great, they’re a one-stop connection for all areas of expertise. We’ve grown to the point where we need an IT department, and we found it – Boston Help Desk!”

Well thanks for the kind words D.J!

I look forward to working with the Keville Enterprises team for a long time to come, and I hope that this success story inspired you to make a change that will affect your growing company for many years to come.

“If you want a very responsive firm with excellent IT expertise then Boston Help Desk is the place to call.” J. Mason III, C.O.O. of Keville Enterprises Inc.

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Albert Najimy
Owner, Boston Help Desk

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