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 Why Move Your Staffing Firm To The Cloud?


 The cloud has a lot to offer businesses in nearly any industry – particularly staffing firms. If you haven’t transitioned to the cloud yet, it may be the right time to start.


The cloud has never been more popular than it is today, and it’s not showing signs of stopping anytime soon.

More and more, business users are looking for the best cloud solution, and businesses like yours are trying their best to provide it.

Especially over the past few years, the cloud has rapidly taken over both the private and professional worlds, offering users like you the freedom to access their data when, where and how they want to.


Why Is The Cloud Perfect For Staffing Firms?

If you haven’t moved your staffing firm to the cloud yet, then you’re behind the times.

Just recently, a Boston staffing firm got in touch with the Boston HelpDesk team to help them transition their business into the cloud, as many other staffing firms are doing.


Most of the industry’s leading software is in the cloud already – ever heard of Bullhorn? It’s one of the top-ranked applicant tracking systems available today, and it’s entirely based on cloud infrastructure.

What does that mean for you?

If you’re dragging your feet about moving to the cloud, then you’ll soon be left behind.

But that’s not the only reason to move to the cloud…


What Else Does Cloud Computing Offer?


  • Savings On Hardware – Before the cloud, onsite servers were a must for any business that wanted to succeed, but no longer.Businesses today don’t need to purchase, install and maintain onsite servers because, with the cloud, they outsource them through the cloud to a data center instead.By choosing a cloud solution instead, you enjoy all the benefits of an up to date and optimized IT infrastructure, without having to pay more than your monthly service fee.
  • OpEx > CapEx | Whereas Capital Expenditures (CapEx) — on-premise IT solutions — are paid for up front and see a gradual return over the following months and years, Operating Expenses (OpEx) are “pay-as-you-go”. You pay for a cloud service month by month, which vastly reduces the window between investment and return.
  • Convenient Scalability | No matter how your business changes, whether growing, expanding to multiple locations or otherwise, the cloud is flexible enough to precisely fit their needs.
  • High-Level Support | IT doesn’t just mean hardware and software – you need the right people too. Cloud users benefit from an expert team of technicians working in high-level support around the clock, all as a part of the monthly fee.
  • Safe and Inexpensive | Security can be difficult to manage because, as important as it is, it’s often just as expensive. However, with the right cloud solution, you are only paying a small monthly fee to gain access to enterprise-level security solutions offered to all other clients on the platform.


That said, it’s not just as simple as picking the first cloud service you find on Google.

Clearly, you need a reliable partner to help you deliver a cloud solution to your end customers – but that’s easier said than done.

The big-name cloud providers out there may be easy to sign up with, but the reality is that you’re just another number for them. You won’t get the same person every time you call; they won’t remember the last service ticket you opened; they won’t build a relationship with you.


Who Is Your Ideal Cloud Partner?

Boston HelpDesk wants to be your trustworthy, reliable partner in the cloud. We know how important personal service is – that’s why we’ll get to know your business, learn what your priorities are, and help you harness an ideal cloud solution for your end customers.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Comprehensive Support: Our team provides support 24/7 to ensure that any issue or concern you may have is addressed and taken care of, quickly and effectively.
  • Business Continuity: As a by-product of cloud-based services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having your data secure and backed up on a regular basis. That way, no matter what happens to your data or systems locally, you can rest easy knowing your data is intact.
  • User Training For Your Staff: While our team is available whenever you need us for support, we don’t want you to have to call us every day – that’s just not convenient.That’s why we provide robust and effective training for your staff to ensure they know everything they need to about the cloud services you’ll be using.


Your staffing firm can’t afford to lag behind on as crucial an industry trend as this – get in touch with Boston HelpDesk team to start your quick and painless transition to cloud services.


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