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Schwartz/Silver Architects Inc. are specialists in creating exceptional design solutions for the difficult challenges their clients face. For 20+ years, they’ve worked nationwide, creating striking, sustainable new construction, and restoring or adapting historic buildings for preservation or new uses.

The firm relies on their information technology for their day-to-day operations and to design plans for public institutions collegiate universities, secondary schools, public and private libraries, as well as prominent private homes.

For years they have relied on the dependable service and solutions that Boston HelpDesk has provided, including: Help Desk, Network Management, Network Monitoring, Managed Security, and Managed Backup.

When Their IT Needed An Upgrade, They Knew Boston HelpDesk Would Help.

Schwartz/Silver needed a timely solution to migrate and upgrade their ERP solution without a large investment in new hardware that would soon be outdated. Schwartz/Silver looked to us to provide a private cloud solution, converting their in-house ERP system into a virtualized environment using a shared infrastructure provided by Boston HelpDesk. We were able to quickly turn up Schwartz/Silver’s new application environment with minimal upfront costs and very little disruption to their business.

“How To Describe Boston HelpDesk In One Word? — Dependable!”

Nelson Liu, the IT interface for Schwartz/Silver explains why they rely on Boston HelpDesk:

Years ago, Boston HelpDesk was recommended to us by others who used them to manage their AutoCAD program. They set us up and helped us learn CAD. They were always accessible, and it was comfortable working with a few individuals who always provided dependable, personal service.    

The team at Boston HelpDesk has seen us grow up. They helped shape our network and system, fully understanding that there are financial limitations, and that time is of the essence.

They’re more than a call center with people who are constantly changed out. It’s reassuring and comforting to know that John, Kavitha, or Moses, who I’ve known for years, are here for us, understand our situation, and will get on a problem and resolve it as soon as possible. Our requests are consistently met with a sense of urgency and complete follow through.

When other IT companies call looking for our business, my response is that I’m happy with the services we receive from Boston HelpDesk, and we need nothing more!

Patricia Zoda, Treasurer At Schwartz/Silver Architects Sends Us Her Appreciation:

Hi John  

Many, many thanks for your diligence and persistence in getting the Vision software upgraded so that we can continue to run Schwartz/Silver. You and your crew are fabulous, and we could never get along without all of you!!! It turned out to be a much more challenging task than we had imagined, but everyone hung in there, and got it done successfully. Please know that you (Boston HelpDesk) are deeply appreciated each and every day—even though we don’t tell you every day.

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