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The Growing Risk of Ransomware

Ransomware is not only dangerous, it is becoming increasingly common. Learning about this growing risk can help you protect your business and important data from harm in 2017 and beyond …

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Increasing Security by Protecting Against Internal Threats

Cyber security it a vital component of ensuring your business is protected. However, many companies do not consider internal threats as a possibility. There is a big reason to do so for …

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MS Dynamics in Action Within Healthcare

Microsoft Dynamics has the potential to fundamentally change organizational healthcare delivery at every level of an operation. The tool is only limited by the creativity of the manager …

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What is Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score?

What would a credit score for your online security look like? This a key question anyone who works in the cloud should ask, especially if they utilize a software as a service platform l …

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6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017

2016 wasn’t a good year for computer security. 2017 will see new and bigger problems, but also new methods of defense to counter them. 2016 wasn’t a good year for computer s …

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Writing Marketing Emails That Don’t Get Deleted Right Away

If you want your marketing email to last longer than 30 seconds in a reader’s inbox, it needs to be personal, unique, have value, and be shareable. The art and goal of marketing, …

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