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Architecture & Engineering

The Security & Mobility You Need to Take Technology With You Wherever You Go Your architecture firm relies on information technology to be the foundation of your business. It’s ho …

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Nonprofit Organizations

You’re always looking for new ways to maximize your technology budget. That’s why you need IT support designed to improve efficiency and productivity while keeping costs low! Your …

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Financial Services

Maintain compliance with FISMA and PCI while improving productivity and gaining virtual access to important data! Financial services firms have always been a step ahead of the game, lev …

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Providence, RI

Security, mobility and peace of mind come along with getting the most reliable IT services and support in Providence, RI. We know that there’s a lot to juggle when you’re running a …

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Worchester, MA

Increase your productivity while keeping your data secure; Strategic planning and reliable support ensure your business is never crippled by avoidable disasters. With an experienced tea …

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Southern New Hampshire

Ensure your business is always functioning at its absolute best with comprehensive IT support and a reliable, experienced team. At Boston Help Desk we know that technology is often a struggle; …

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Boston Metro

Increase your productivity and get the maximum return on your IT investment with the right technology partner in Boston. When you’re looking to make your business run smoother, produc …

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Meet Boston HelpDesk

What's in a name? Everything. Since 2002, Boston HelpDesk has partnered with small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Greater Boston Area to provide them with peace of mind by deli …

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Urgent Warning: Do NOT Install MS Office Update 14.5.0!

Installing MS Office Update 14.5.0 WILL Impact Your Ability to Use Outlook! Mac Office 2011 version 14.5.0 was released on May 12th, 2015, however, most users are reporting serious iss …

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Ensure You Don’t Stifle Growth and Innovation By Avoiding These 10 Signs of Anti-Creativity!

Your team is all about fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration. After all, information technology is one of the fastest-changing industries in Boston. Every year, new …

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6 Quick Tips to Help Retain Clients

It can be difficult to attract new clients. No matter how much you lower your prices or improve the quality of your services, competitors in town always seem to be able to do the same. …

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Your fingerprints could be stolen just by swiping on your smartphone!

Are cybercriminals getting their dirty paws on your fingerprints? It sounds like a crazy idea, but experts are reporting that a recently discovered flaw on the Galaxy S5 makes it possi …

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